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A Duck's Tale

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

'Great day!'

'Yep. Great weather for ducks. So sunny!'

'Feel like a swim?'

'Sure - why not?

'All we need to do is find a private pool.'

'Well, my oh my ... take a gander over here. This should do us.'

'What a life! Quack, quack!'

'Yep. But, you know, I'm already thinking about lunch at Centennial Lake with the girls, webbed high heels and all.'

'That's pretty daffy. It's exquisite here so why spoil it so soon?'

'Oh, it's really my tail feathers I'm worried about. They might droop if I stay in too long.'

'Who'll pick up the bill today?'

'Not me, duckie. I'll ruffle my undertail, keep my auricles to the ground, swallow watercress to my heart's content and then paddle out of there post-haste. No need to make myself a sitting duck for too long, in case someone has a gun and pullets handy. '

'OK. Gotcha. All easy as duck soup if we get going now.'

'Yep. Maybe a lame duck approach but life's a breeze.'

'Aw, phooey! Time's up. Let's get a waddle on.'

COPYRIGHT Text & photos: C V Williams

SSOA writers' blogs are made possible through the support of City of Sydney grant assistance.



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