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All I want for Christmas is…

Peace on earth and goodwill to men (Luke 2:14).

Specifically, I want Peace in the ‘holy land’, where she appears to have hoisted up her skirts and fled.

The Gaza Health Ministry reports more than 17,000 dead since the conflict began two months ago when 1,200 Israelis were killed, and about 240 captured, by Hamas. (Reuters). This caused unimaginable suffering for those involved, and their families.

Since Israel launched attacks on Gaza, it has been impossible to avoid the disturbing images of the narrow Gaza strip being turned into a wasteland. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bodies lie beneath the rubble. Infrastructure - including water supply, hospitals, roads, and electricity - have been pummeled to ruins by Israeli air raids. The United States, seemingly impotent in its advice to Israel for a ‘proportionate’ response, continues to provide military support to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). So far, the advice has fallen on deaf ears.

The Israeli families of the hostages persist in their daily vigils, holding up large placards with images of captured loved ones. They will find it difficult to see the lights of Hanukkah this year through their tears. While, for the hundreds and thousands of Palestinians displaced, killed, mourning and suffering daily without shelter, medical aid, food and water … all is utter darkness. Goodwill is nowhere to be found.

What is proportionate in this conflict?

Tell St. Luke he was dreaming.

Fiona D'Souza

Copyright: text by Fiona D'Souza; photo Wix.

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