Quendryth Young

Australian writer Quendryth Young discovered a passion for haiku in 2004 following a forty-year career as a cytologist. Her guide to writing haiku in English, A Haiku Workshop, can be downloaded for free.

In 2005 she began her ongoing role as the coordinator of Cloudcatchers, a group of haiku poets on the Far North Coast of NSW, and edited the inaugural haiku section of FreeXpresSion (2007–2009).

More than eight hundred of Quendryth’s haiku have been published, and she has received twenty major international awards, including a second in the Mildred Kanterman Memorial Book Award (The Haiku Society of America) in 2008 for her haiku collection The Whole Body Singing, and a Touchstone Award (The Haiku Foundation) in 2010.

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