Robyn Edwards

Robyn Edwards

Bondi Beach local, Robyn Edwards, lives to face the breaking waves each day. In her debut novel, ‘Blue Wave Bondi’, she plunges into deep waters to write a story of love to the ocean, to the people living on its edge and to our shared futures.

Evoking the lifeblood and pulse of Sydney’s iconic Bondi and the people who call it home, the story is a lyrical and memorable work of contemporary fiction.

As an advocate for social justice and equality, Robyn has written a novel with lots of heart, reflected in the young heroes Anu and Jai. The social crime of homelessness, the value of belonging to community, and friendship with First Nations people are themes woven into the narrative.

In 2018 Robyn took a break from paid work, immersed herself in writing and wrote every day.

‘I wanted to write about the ocean, which I’ve always loved, and Bondi Beach, where I’ve lived for most of my adult life, since riding across the Harbour Bridge on my Kawasaki motor bike in the 1970s to live in share houses in Bondi,’ she explains.

Though she had many doubts and deleted drafts during her writing adventure, she believes that attending regular weekly sessions with other writers at Sydney School of Arts & Humanities ( provided invaluable feedback on each new chapter and encouraged her to continue.

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