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Geetha Waters

Geetha Waters

Geetha Waters’ childhood always revolved around the subject of education principally because of her environment. Her mother was a high school teacher in Kerala and her father worked in a private school based on J. Krishnamurti’s teaching in Andhra Pradesh.


Geetha attended the Rishi Valley school for twelve years, then was offered a scholarship for one year to its sister school, Brockwood Park, in England. She returned to India after that gap year to commence tertiary studies. However, after unexpectedly meeting her sweetheart at a crossroads in Trivandrum, Kerala, the couple decided to get married, and Geetha migrated to Australia where she completed a Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education at Macquarie University.

Her interest in education continued as she watched her children grow to adulthood in a foreign land. Geetha Waters now works at the Krishnamurti Centre at Summer Hill, Sydney, where the teachings of Krishnamurti are offered to those who aspire to understand Jiddu Krishnamurti’s holistic vision of the world.

Her memoir Road to Rishi Konda is a series of stories centred on a girl growing up in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the ’60s and ’70s. Her second collection of stories, Waking the Mind,  is a reflection on Krishnamurti’s impact on her education, based on her experiences at a school he founded in South India.

For more information on Geetha check her blogs here.

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