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In this first volume of a three part memoir, Wil Roach writes about living within a Caribbean culture in the heart of London, as a child of the ’60s through to the ’80s.

Born on the island of Trinidad and brought to the UK as a baby, Wil grew up as a gay black boy in the frosty capital, learning by degrees about cultural and sexual diversity.



I just finished your book. It’s brilliant! What an early life you had. I am waiting with baited breath for the next.  Billie McCarthy

A sense of fulfilment.

I really felt for you, living such a segregated childhood. I felt angry at your parents until towards the end. When, in the story, finally you wrote: ‘What a contrast with those early days at 40 Torbay Road and that little room we lived in … I felt a sense of fulfilment that my parents’ struggle and mine as a child had created this loving home.’ What a relief to read this last chapter. It was worth suffering for you, all this time, as finally you felt fine.

I loved all the details, the honesty. I thank you for writing Black Gay & Underage. Jeanne Marie

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