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An original fictional take on the composer Giacomo Puccini's life and times - what inspired him to write Italian opera, the delights and conflicts of his love life, his extraordinary sensitivity, and his single-minded drive to create.

A celebration of Italian life, both high and low.

Amazon review

What a book ... Brilliant!

This book is so captivating. Beware that you won’t be able to put it down. So grateful for the opportunity to read it.

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Paperback  $24.99 (new rrp)
Ebook $7.99

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The internet and artificial intelligence disappear overnight in a cloud of confusion.


Where are all the automatons?


They've walked off the job and left humans to cope alone. 

What's next? The tech stuff might be gone but love still triumphs.

Cover Cloudless Love.jpg


A son’s story of the debilitating illness, Anorexia Nervosa, that his single mother suffered from throughout his childhood. Read more


An exciting debut story from writer and poet Ferdinando Manzo, Arco explores man’s battle with the sea in an attempt to seek solace. Read more

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Environmentalists who've changed the

Australian landscape

Featured activists include:

Judith Wright

Bob Brown

Albert Namatjira

Olga Truchanas

Peter Garrett

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Sao Khemawadee Mangrai's memoir of living through good times and bad in Burma before an escape to a new life of freedom. Read More


This Sydney Collection of poetry and pays tribute to a city that has become a second home for Ferdinando Manzo. It describes the city’s soul. Its life. Even its dark side. Read More

SSOA Leo-Ryan-An-Extraordinary-Relations

Former counsellor, the late Leo Ryan, writing about how people can bring on the changes needed to have a great relationship. Read More


'I Will: A Memoir of Stroke, Renewal and the Power of Song' is Jenny Sheldon's account of recovering her life and voice after being left unable to speak following a stroke. Read More


Author Dr Christine Williams describes what happens over a period of several months as she undergoes treatment for back pain by a Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork masseur in an ‘Age of Aquarius’ revelation. Read More


Ferdinando Manzo’s poetry features themes of the sea and the emotions, particularly the deeply felt joys and melancholies experienced by men. Read More


A thrilling debut novel from Sydney author Diane Harding, ‘Reported Missing’ follows a couple’s ordeal as they risk everything to save their daughter and grandchildren from her abusive, even murderous, husband. Read More


Geetha Waters’ stories centre on a girl growing up in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the ’60s and ’70s. Read More

SSOA A-Taste-for-Diamonds-ebook-cover-21

A Taste for Diamonds is a love story that spans two continents, from London to Buenos Aires, as Harriett and the man she loves face the consequences of getting involved in the international diamond trade. Read More


Geetha Waters’ engaging selection of short stories is a reflection on Jiddu Krishnamurti’s impact on her education based on her experiences at a school he founded in South India. Read More

SSOA Anthology.jpg

A skyful of stars, an architect’s dream house, vengeance and betrayal, immaculate love. Anthology is a collection of short stories across a wide range of themes and styles. Read more

SSOA Gay Black cover.jpg

In this first volume of a three part memoir, Wil Roach writes about living within a Caribbean culture in the heart of London, as a child of the ’60s through to the ’80s. Read more

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Emerging writers showcase collection of new writing:


*Couchsurfing to rollerskating


* Valentine's Day to uber-sex,


*Mont-Saint-Michel to the Gold Coast.

What's not to enjoy?

Christina Stead book cover.jpg


The first full-length biography of Christina Stead (17 July 1902 – 31 March 1983), an Australian novelist and short-story writer acclaimed for her satirical wit and penetrating psychological characterisations. Read More


Syam Sudhakar’s poetry draws on his cultural roots in Kerala as well as the splendour of its natural habitat. Read More

sachin lookalike istockphoto.jpg

Sachin Tendulkar's

extraordinary career


The highlights of his brilliant rise to fame. Easy reading based on the popular blog, 

'Searching for Sachin'. 

                         Enquire here

Jiddu image.jpg


The life of the 20th-century philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti was truly astonishing. As this new updated edition shows, people from all over the world would gather to hear him speak. Read More



A story for film

by Ross Vecchio


This film treatment available to film producers and directors is also of major interest to the general public. Find out more about the charismatic figure Krishnamurti, representing a blend of Eastern culture and Western education, who was adored by millions across the world.

                              Read More

Quarantined book cover.jpg

An experience of compulsory quarantine for an Australian traveller returning home during the coronavirus pandemic - after being stranded in Peru when the country's borders were closed.


She was lucky to find a seat on a charter aircraft.


The trials, tribulations and tips on how to get through the ordeal locked on a hotel room for a fortnight.


Amazon Books Review

'I found myself glued to each and every page.' 5 stars



Ingrid Raj’s thesis provides research on a selection of Anglo-Burmese writing published from the period of British rule in Myanmar (formerly Burma) up until 2007. Read More


A mystery thriller set in Sydney by crime writer Peter A Stankovic, featuring a hero struck with amnesia who must recall his identity while battling master criminals. Read More

front cover Nicky Gluch.jpg

Nicky Gluch’s memoir, published in 2019, is set in Israel in 2013-14. It explores how the experience of living and studying there led Gluch to pursue a musical career. Read more 


Lawrence Goodstone's collection of short stories featuring snapshots of the human condition, set in Australia, ranging over a number of genres from crime to science fiction. Read More

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