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"We believe in writing and creative expression, the telling of stories, and the joy, reflection and learning that comes from sharing the writing and reading experience. We provide the tools to make that possible."

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities (SSOA) is a boutique publishing house with a suite of optional services leading to and including publishing. We work closely with our local community and business community and the City of Sydney. Our office is situated at Millers Point in an historic hall, and our primary focus is to encourage clear writing and literary expression.

Writing is an intense process, but once the work has been produced to first draft or even second draft stage, many writers need a good editor to polish up their work. The editing process includes sentence structure, punctuation check, grammar check, word usage, sorting chapters, sequence and flow of narrative/subject matter etc.

Charges for this service are by the hour, as the level of edit varies greatly from one manuscript to another. $80 per hour on average is the fee, depending on the size of the document. A list of sample editing rates is available. Please note that costs vary depending on how much work a manuscript may need. We’re very happy to discuss each author’s requirements on an individual basis, as well as business writing requirements.

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Examples of the types of editing you may require are shown below:


Developmental editing

This involves closely working with authors, helping them develop a manuscript from its initial concept. The editor may help with genre, plot, themes and character, and make suggestions based on market analysis.

Substantive editing

The editor works to improve a manuscript however necessary, which may include rewriting, restructuring and research, as well as helping with character development, style and voice. Beta readers can also play a helpful role at this stage.

Copy editing

Also known as line editing, the copy editor won’t generally address issues of plot or character, or change the voice and tone, but will suggest amendments for better style and clarity as well as correcting errors. Depending on the nature of the book, this may also involve fact-checking and cross-checking references.


This is the most basic form of editing: looking for spelling errors and typos, which are now mistakes that Amazon will penalise a manuscript for.

If your work is for private use only (for example, for friends and family) rather than commercial distribution, we offer a publishing-only service or a video memoir program.

Editing for Business Writing

Those clients seeking assistance with business writing should contact SSOA here.

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