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We publish fiction and non-fiction (including memoir) to international publication standard, with many of our authors having started from scratch in our writing meetup groups.

SSOA books are available in print and in ebook formats and sold through our website, in local bookstores and globally through Amazon, Apple and leading ebook stores. The terms of our publication contracts include a 50% royalty to authors, in contrast to the normal 10% offered by most mainstream publishers.

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities welcomes manuscript submissions from many different genres:-


Please fill out the form below and send us any of the following:

  • a short story submission for our anthology.

  • your novel's first three chapters, along with a synopsis, details of its genre, length and stage of completion,

  • your memoir's first three chapters, OR

  • a sample of your poetry.

We also ask those submitting book manuscripts to include an ‘elevator pitch’: a one sentence, max 140-character summary of your work. Think of it as the hook or tagline.

What’s unique about your work? What will grab people’s attention?

We endeavour to respond to all submissions within 6 weeks of receipt. With novels, preference will be given to completed manuscripts. 

For the SSOA short story anthology, all submissions will be considered for publication before a final email, which lists the stories accepted, is sent to all writers who submitted their work.


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Thanks for submitting!

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