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"Who has time or energy in this busy life to sit for hours and hours arduously writing the details of fond memories?"

Memories - easy to recall but hard to capture in print, to enjoy reading about later and share with others, right? You'd like them recorded as a book - and why shouldn't you? Here's the easy way - hire a ghostwriter. If you’ve lived a life worth writing about, and we all have in one way or another, let SSOA help you record it in book form. We have a team of experienced biographers who can help you write your story – or they’ll even write it for you, under your direction.

Since you’ve learnt a lot about life, you'll want to share your story with family, friends, or even publish for a wider readership. We can assist you and point you in the direction of publishing – or go one step further and actually publish your story under the Sydney School of Arts & Humanities publication banner.

If you’ve loved many parts of your life or special people in your life, we can help you recapture those moments and the thoughts of those loved ones. So you and others can benefit from a clear recall or renewal of those times and those people close to your heart.

Many well-intentioned people – even writers – talk about writing a book based on their own lives. But do they get around to the often difficult task of sitting down and writing it?

Yet we'd all like that story told – our own life story – wouldn't we?


‘I could write a book about it,’ or ‘People tell me I should write a book about it,’ – but who has time or energy in this busy life to sit for hours and hours arduously writing the details of fond memories and committing them to paper (or a computer screen)?

It’s one thing to talk a story – quite another thing to write it. Memoir and biography need to be shaped and honed into a kind of art form to be truly persuasive.


All the skills of a talented writer are needed to have your life story come alive – the way you have lived it. In your own particular style.

Your story can be written in what is known as first person (eg ‘I had always wanted to … and I achieved some of those early hopes’) or in third person (eg 'She had hopes in her childhood of reaching … and in many respects she was finally able to …').

Our small team comprises professional writers skilled in the art of memoir and biography. For a reasonable fee based directly on the hours spent on the research and writing, you will have a unique story of your life – its ups and downs, its adversities and triumphs.

Contact us now to find out more. 

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