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The video project is a way to chronicle your life to leave a living story without the hours of labour required to write a memoir. A filmed interview between Robert Bee and Christine Williams.

Share your story with family and friends via testimonial videos:


  • 2-hour research session to discuss and plan your interview


  • 1-hour relaxed filming with a supportive interviewer and cinematographer using professional camera, sound and lighting equipment


  • 30-minute high definition professionally-edited video of the interview will be produced with photographs integrated into your storytelling.


Our Approach


The interview will be recorded in a quiet, calm and familiar space that will allow you to relax and engage happily with the process.


As the main participant, you are asked a handful of tailored questions which have been mutually agreed during the earlier research session. These are aimed at triggering memories and experiences from your past that you want to share with your family for posterity.


All care is taken to ensure you look your best on the video, be it with make-up and/or wardrobe choices. You’ll feel confident that all is in order before we begin. The completed video will be compatible to play on all current screen devices - Android and Apple.


We offer 3 categories of scale from 10 to 20 minutes or a 30-plus minute duration - and you're able to determine which length you want before filming begins.


To view a sample session of Sydney School of Arts & Humanities entertaining interested guests - with our writers reading original stories from their lives - click here. Our video shows how our professional team can produce a video of your life as a legacy for your family.  

For booking – or just to chat to find out more about the process – you can check with us first by email at:

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