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The life of the 20th century philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti was truly astonishing. As this new updated edition shows, people from all over the world would gather to hear him speak the wisdom of the ages.

Biographer Christine (CV) Williams carried out research over a period of four years to write this narrative of Krishnamurti’s life. She studied his major archive of personal correspondence and talks, and interviewed people who knew him intimately in India, the United States, England and Australia.

Selected reviews - 5 stars

The book is a hypnotic fusion of history, biography and philosophy. His devotees included celebrities, movie stars, politicians, his lovers and thought leaders such as Aldous Huxley, throughout the twentieth century until his death in 1986. Robert Carrick

A balanced and well-researched biography. Roshen Dalal

Great story of a great life! If this book hadn't been recommended to me, I would never have known how important a public thinker Krishnamurti was, nor how relevant his ideas still are today. d. i. snow

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