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A Poem

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In our meetup writing groups we mostly deal with prose - fiction, non-fiction - stories ranging from memoir to fantasy or sci-fi. But every so often a member is inspired to set down a poem, and when these ethereal thoughts float into our consciousness they're literally breaths of fresh air. Meg Mooney gave us another such gift this week:


I thought I heard the distant sound of songbirds on the evening wind

just as dusk threw down

her velvet gown

over the tired nervous city

where heaviness gathered

sucking the lifeforce out of some,

turning hearts to stone

as well as kindling gentle

kindnesses which

now grew profusely.

The earth looked too alone,

a lost soul floating in space,

an insignificant glob

except for the calling of the birds.

You’d think the earth, forlorn, was sleeping

but the birds didn’t care.

They sang and sang

And the small lonely planet sighed.

The birds told the people not to fear –

have courage, hope, calm, renewal

and all would be well – again.

Copyright Meg Mooney

Photos cvwilliams & Wix

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