What are you Striving for?

A sample of writing from the weekly writing group prompt - 'what are you striving for with your writing?'

Human Honesty

by Meg Mooney

The task of writing for me is both joyful as well as confronting: joyful because the act of writing and creating other worlds outside of myself allows me a freedom, a movement out into the wildness of my very soul; confronting because I’m forced to go into places that leave me feeling on a precipice, alone on a mountain where at any moment I may topple off.

Being brave in writing is one of the things I’m striving for all the time.

Many writers have the ability to go to dark and forbidding places. I’m thinking of crime writers whose work I like: Kate Atkinson, PD James, Henning Mankell, and yes, even good old Agatha. All three – though not so much Christie – temper the dark with human honesty, light as well, and these two qualities I feel are the essential part of ‘great writing’.

So I have to find the balance between joy, humour, honesty and ‘the dark’ – that is the quest I’m on. It requires practice, every day in fact, which is hard in these heady days when time seems to slip away over often trivial matters.

To go to a desert island or a cabin in the bush – that would be the idea