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Congratulations to the Matildas and the Diamonds!

Our national netball team, the Diamonds, have this week won the Netball World Cup held in Cape Town with a 61-45 victory over England.

Their win comes after victories over the past four years in the Constellation Cup, the Commonwealth Games gold medal, the Quad Series and the England Test series.

You could say that the Diamonds' consistent triumphs - this World Cup being their 12th win - have been overshadowed in the media by the Matildas' brilliant record in 'the world game' or 'soccer' - if I'm allowed to call it that since many now prefer one simple word, 'football' (ignoring Australia's smorgasbord of football genres).

Last night the Opera House was lit up for the Matildas - and I like to think that the green & gold lighting symbolised the great strength and vitality of so many Australian women who excel in sport - as well as many other endeavours.

Go Matildas! We're holding our collective breath for you all to reach the Final with full fitness, and then trounce the opposition.

Copyright: text cv williams; photo Jett Williams (age 8).

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