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Economic Enema

Kevin opened his bedroom window to find the large moving truck parked outside. The truck's back doors were open and one of the movers leant against one door, speaking to the other guy who was still sitting inside, eating a breakfast roll.

'Hey, I’ll come down!' Kevin shouted from the window. He locked his curved computer screen, where green and red lines showed his performance on the New York stock exchange that week.

The movers were strong so Kevin felt confident that they’d be able to carry the heavy items, like the double door fridge and sofa. He introduced himself and pointed the way up the stairs.

As the movers were carrying the sofa down to the first floor, Kevin overheard one of them say, 'It’s like ... a currency, but it’s digital.'

'Nah, mate. Property, that’s what makes your money grow. That’s what my dad taught me,' the mover wearing a mullet said.

'I’m telling you, Lionel, you don’t want to own a piece of land that has no value once everyone moves out of that area. Crypto is safe, reliable, and some people are millionaires because of it.'

Kevin interjected. 'Sorry to listen in to your conversation, but are you talking about crypto currencies?'

'Yeah, mate! You deal?' the mover with the thick moustache asked enthusiastically.

'I trade more like stocks of companies that I like. Like Tesla.'

'You should really get on the crypto,' the mover with the moustache said.

Lionel looked smug. 'Mate, this guy here trades and you think he’ll listen to you?'

'I’m gonna be a millionaire one day and run my own moving company and you’ll come work for me. You’ll see.'

The movers hauled the sofa through the open back of the moving truck.

Kevin went back to his computer, opened the investing Reddit forum and wrote, 'You know there’s way too much hype around investment when you hear your movers tell you that you should start investing.'

Story copyright: Clara Andrade. Pictures: Wix.


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