Everyone's edgy

Updated: Feb 7

Everyone's tense at some level during the current pandemic, because everyone has her or his own version of frustration and hardship. This week some of our SSOA writers imagine what it's like for others, rather than focussing only on self.

I’m standing at my front door looking out onto the street. Masked by my screen door, I'm about to go outside for a walk. I open the door and walk to the gate.

A neighbour is saying goodbye to a friend. Relief! I may be able to walk past without getting into a lengthy conversation which this neighbour has a habit of initiating with me. She perhaps doesn’t realise, but I have a lot to do inside the walls of my house each day and my daily walk is necessary to clear my mind and ease the feeling of edginess. Work, write, look after two kids, help them with homework, and prepare meals.

But when I exit through my gate she waves me over, as her friend is leaving. I smile but I'm a little annoyed. I hope the conversation doesn’t take too long.