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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Sydney School of Arts & Humanities is up & running with a new Saturday meetup for writers ... 2PM on ZOOM.

'Writing with Spirit' is what we're about!

This has been made possible with assistance from the City of Sydney's Quick response grant.

It's a generous gesture to help emerging writers feeling isolated at home share their writing with others for feedback and fun.

We enjoyed a couple of poems by Leonard Cohen, which we can share with you here:

Dimensions of Love

Sometimes I hear you stop abruptly

and change your direction

and start towards me

I hear it as a kind of rustling

My heart leaps up to greet you

to greet you in the air

to take you back home

to resume our long life together

Then I remember

the uncrossable dimensions of love

and I prepare myself

for the consequences of memory

and longing

but memory with its list of years

turns gracefully aside

and longing kneels down

like a calf

in the straw of amazement

and for the moment that it takes

to keep your death alive

we are refreshed

in each other's timeless company.

What I Do

It's not that I like

to live in a hotel

in a place like India

and write about G-d

and run after women

it seems to be

what I do Leonard Cohen

Beginning next week we'll be regularly publishing the thoughts of those attending via their responses to our weekly writing prompts.

If you'd like to take part in the Saturday afternoon meetup, just make contact here and we'll send you the vital link.

Christine Williams

With thanks for support from the City of Sydney.

Poems from The Flame, Leonard Cohen's final work. Eds.Robert Faggen & Alexandra Pleshoyano, Canongate, Edinburgh, 2018

Photo credits cvwilliams & Unsplash

SSOA writers' blogs are made possible through the support of City of Sydney grant assistance.



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