'ON THE SHORTNESS OF LIFE' Seneca's ancient thoughts prompt some personal responses

Updated: Feb 7

'The mind that is untroubled and tranquil has the power to roam into all the parts of its life; but the minds of the engrossed, just as if weighted by a yoke, cannot turn and look behind. And so their life vanishes into an abyss ...' Seneca the Younger

The current coronavirus crisis must surely cause us to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and realise the precious quality of every single life lost, spared or restored to good health.

On the Shortness of Life

Wayne Henderson

In a moment we can be overcome by beauty;

a little longer and we can fall in love, conceive a life.

One second is enough to lose a friend and a minute later we might find another.

A day can start in pain and end in glory.

Seen from the inside, life is eternal.

End Game

David Benn

Even though Fitzy the painter hadn’t lived in Brisbane for nearly thirty years, he still carried with him a calm matter-of-factness that came with growing up in the listless western suburbs of that 'great northern city'.

While painting the front of my terrace house, dressed in paint splattered white overalls, he easily slid t