Updated: Feb 7

Writings of the Week

The prompt for the week was the word 'preposterous'. Wondering why our writers' minds so immediately turned political ...

'Preposterous' usually comes with the superfluous but emphatic 'utterly', as in 'utterly presposterous'. But that's utterly redundant as preposterous itself means 'utterly absurd'.

So what do I find merely preposterous and not worthy of the tautology? Well, for starters, ScoMo’s constant grin. What’s he got to be so happy about? Fooling most of the people most of the time, or just enough voters all of the time to ensure his government will be re-elected?

I find it an utterly absurd waste of press space when his promises are reported as real policies that will provide for the country’s future needs - promises of events so far down the track reporters will have forgotten he hasn’t actually delivered. That’s if we even have a viable press corps in several years' time.

I find it utterly absurd too that the findings of Royal Commission after Royal Commission (religious institutions, banks, aged care, to name the biggies) have been put on the shelf, most unacted upon. All political smoke and mirrors. See, we are doing something, we are looking into it.

The memories of the Press Gallery seeming to last no longer than the 24-hour news cycle. Shock, horror. Onto the next outrage. The abdication of calling truth to power. Now that is truly utterly preposterous.

Roslyn Lawson