Quarantined - Part 4

4th night - Friday: Plenty of time to contemplate the question of quarantine, detention, compulsory restraint or imprisonment here in this hotel room.

Yes, everyone has stayed in a hotel room, and maybe felt a bit stir crazy at times – in the middle of the night maybe, or when the weather is bad. It can even happen at home, especially if you’re in an apartment without a balcony and don’t have a back yard.

But the only really comparable compulsory restraint is being in gaol, which must be of a completely different dimension. Of course that would be so, so, so much worse. It’s normally for much longer than 2 weeks … stretching to years, and in rare cases close to a lifetime.

My brief quarantine experience does, though, engender a sympathy for those who are imprisoned, committed for a crime carried out either by accident or intent. And especially for those people who might have been jailed after conviction on drug c