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Quarantined - Part 8

Feeling rather house proud today (or should I say 'fière de ma chambre'?) ... I've easily been able to carry out my simple laundry and washing up chores, as well as think 'neat', with my bits & bobs all in their proper places. This internment does stretch on, though.

Can you imagine what it would be like in a real internment camp for refugees? I can't. With no definite end in sight. Would it be a thousand times worse than this lock-up? Oh, so much more than that ...

Here I can look forward to release on Monday, and in the meantime gaze out on the city street traffic (not much of that these days), appreciate the rain, and view a few balconies and deciduous trees which will begin to lose their leaves soon. A good thing I'm here now and not later in the season.

After resisting bedroom activity of all kinds except sleep for a week, this morning I went down on my knees, onto my carpeted floor, to do some exercises. Once you form the habit, it becomes easier, I told a friend yesterday to encourage her. So now I feel I have to follow my own advice.

Using a loose combination of yoga and physio stretches, I warn myself that I mustn't be too vigorous in case I pull a muscle. Well, I'm sure we're all aware there's very little chance of that, considering my level of exertion. A friend has recommended a video by The Australian Ballet's Artistic Director, David McAllister, 'How to do a plié'. It's delightful!

I must admit, though, my favourite exercise for my upper back comes from physiotherapist, Kam Barbhra, from Lilyfield Physiotherapy. It's so energising, and extremely demanding of focus, but not at all boisterous. The instructions:

Take a bath towel.

Roll it lengthwise.

Place it on the floor.

Lie down on your back along its length so that your spine feels the support, and let your shoulders fall back.

Breathe deeply!

I recommend it! And you can stay there as long as you like ... (but take care you don't fall asleep). Yes, you can try it at home as long as you don't ever tell who advised you.

Here are another couple of stress relief recommendations for anyone who likes children:

& Sophie Fatu

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