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Sydney's Florabunda

There had been a light splashing of rain so that cars ‘shisssshed’ by on the asphalt. The sky descended in the dark, purplish- grey menace it sometimes wore. It was very close, almost sitting on your shoulders. Threatening a storm? There was no wind. Everything was absolutely still.

In wonderful juxtaposition, out of the gloom burst huge jacarandas … here … there … and over there! They put on an extravagant display in explosions of colour, contrasting the patches of darkening sky.

Oleanders attempting to match their magnificent sisters gushed forth with armfuls of dark pink, trying to distract the eye from the flamboyance of purple.

Not to be outdone, dotted here and there against the gunmetal gloom, bougainvillea splashed out daubs of scarlet and magenta.

The shout was unequivocal: ‘Spring is here!’

Fiona D'Souza

Copyright: text Fiona D'Souza; photos: cv williams & Google images.

Posts on this SSOA blog are published to showcase the work of emerging writers who meet weekly to workshop stories. The posts comprise just some of the responses written in just 10 minutes as a warm up to the meetings.

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