The Part of Me that is Always There

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The Part of Me that is Always There

It is what defines me, the thing that another recognises when I walk into the room. The same thing that I recognise in others who I know. It is a sort of life force.

I, looking from within, do not really know it, but I know it in others I am close to.

It is the shape of a smile, the mannerism I make when I stop to think, when I express a silent question with the raising of an eyebrow or make a sign of indifference with a shoulder shrug.

It is the joy I see in another’s face when they see a thing of beauty, when they stop to pat a dog.

It is the madness of exuberance when a day is wonderful and I stop to smell the flowers.

What do I know about it? I know almost nothing – it just is. It is the part of me that is unable to change, the part that maddens my wife beyond exasperation when it reacts of its own accord to something she says that it does not like.

I suppose it is my unconscious being; some would call it my spirit or soul. Graham Wilson