Trumping Trump - Can't Twitter ban him?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Not an easy task, you might say. But the owners of what is a global business, nothing more, can easily make the honest decision that Trump is using the service to disseminate falsehood, and take him off Twitter. No reason why not ... [Google shows that Jack Dorsey was the co-founder and CEO of both Twitter and Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ). 'According to Dorsey's ... filing with the SEC on April 28, 2017, he is the second-largest individual owner of Twitter with 16.6 million shares. May 6, 2019']

The top three individual shareholders of Twitter, as of April 21, 2019 are: Evan Clark Williams, Jack Dorsey & Peter H. Fenton (

I remember when the last US election campaign was in full swing and Australians were kept in the communication loop through daily reporting by our traditional media of the major issues and speakers in the campaign. Even though Australians do not vote in US elections, we were being stuffed full of the minutiae of the US election campaign. Why? Was this the modern-day equivalent of the power of ancient Rome to govern its most distant colonies, and Australia was now a colony of the great international power-broker, the US of A? What did it have to do with us on a daily basis?

Well, the stream of Trump drivel & falsehood hasn't dried up in the interim ... And what this constant flow of presidential self-aggrandising does have to do with us, is that the closer he takes the US to war, the closer our young men may come to being sent off to slaughter as well. Though that shouldn't necessarily be the case.

So - as an exercise in tapping into the daily triviality of Twitter, I decided to take a random sample of a few current tweets this week and last, on the important issue of reactions to Trump's distracting and lying tweets, which in part are his attempts to avoid impeachment. (See The Natural Resources Defense Council list of Trump's lies & )

What concerns me is the extraordinary importance at this crucial time for the common people of America to become more informed about the gravity of allowing a President to lie without constraint, as he tries to shift the role of President away from being one of 3 arms of government into a position of supreme power alone - that is, power to make executive decisions overriding other democratic channels, even to go to war without just cause.