Updated: Feb 7

We recognise that Burnum Burnum's declaration to the English on 26 January 1988 -which we posted on our SSOA blog last week - deserves singular attention as a complete blog in itself. So some writers from our weekly writing meetups are being given space here to share their views about the importance of speaking truth to power.

The adage is especially relevant now considering the current state of human health, the natural environment, politics and the economic outlook in most parts of the world. The pieces here are written extempore in 10 minutes for our weekly Zoom writing meetups. (Details about how to join us are available at )


by Jim Piotrowski

Power doesn’t need to exist. The concept should be abolished and condemned for its idiocy.

You can talk your truth to power, and good luck. I’m sure you’ll get somewhere someday. But it’s all part of the primitive hierarchy that we need to evolve out of.

Try this exercise: commit yourself to speak your mind when otherwise you would have held your tongue. Well, within reason. There’s nothing wrong with a white lie, but I mean when you have those moments where you feel restrained and you’re not sure why (and they might not happen that often) ... When you do feel restraint confronted by a powerful 'bully', speak your truth and see how you go.

Truth is so difficult to speak these days; you might get a punch on the nose. But if you speak your truth and hear what others have to say, you might find that the dialogue on the matter was worthwhile.

In this way we may evolve.