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What inspires you to write?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Maybe it will help you to start writing if you give the question some attention ... so you'll know what space - mental, emotional, visual, geographic - suits you best.

Some thoughts from Meg Mooney on the subject:

Inspiration – different things to different people.

It can arrive quite unexpectedly. Often I find inspiration when my world is stable, peaceful, but more often than not I find it when life becomes difficult & full of uncertainty.

I guess the conditions where I find greatest inspiration arise from human frailties as well as warmth & loving relationships.

But other things can inspire me as well: new landscapes, cities anywhere, and just watching people going about their lives.

Some days I have trouble finding inspiration and instead want to curl up somewhere quiet & escape from it all.

But one thing is certain: I always feel the urge to write again, which seems to anchor me back into the reality of life. Belonging to the SSOA writers’ group at The Rocks in Sydney - including attending the Zoom meetups - is an essential part of my writing practice.

Copyright: text Meg Mooney; photo Wix.

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