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Writing of the Week: Almost a believer

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I’ve heard the term 'a non-practising Christian'. I wonder what it means to be something that you are, without actually practising it. Could I possibly be a non-practising thin woman?

I guess it’s like when your actions don’t align with your true values. Maybe I'm a non-practising optimist. Which on some level could be worse for me than being a pessimist. Because if I was a pessimist, there would be a certain amount of surrender and acceptance that this was who I was, and that the world is a horrible place to live in. I would be okay with it because that would be being true to myself. I’ve heard it said that some people do enjoy being miserable.

Well, statistics show there is a considerably lower rate of people who suffer depression and suicide attempts among religious people.

I have in some ways envied the devotion religious people have. Their unwavering beliefs seem to fill them with such a purpose, that brings more meaning to their lives. It’s true I have my own personal beliefs about the 'God' word and I am by no means an atheist.

However my sensibilities keep me from believing in any fundamental institutions or ways of thinking. I do at times find it odd, and at times even a bit ridiculous, the things that intelligent mentally stable people will believe in, in the name of their chosen faith. Although, having said that, I’ve decided that I might start going to church. No, not every week. After all, going to church is not something I would do religiously.

But who doesn’t want to be surrounded by happy people with a sense of direction in their life. Or at least I may find a nice Christian boyfriend to save me from me sin. So there you have it. Maybe I’ll become a practising non-Christian.

Jasmine Monk

Copyright to the author, Jasmine Monk

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I loved this piece when I first heard you read it. I still do. Gentle, thoughtful, provocative - all in one

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