Writing of the Week - 'Only If You Want To'

Updated: Aug 22

Bella looked up. The sky was a beautiful blue with soft, puffy drifting clouds. The sun was shining brightly. She loved the feel of its warmth on her face, her arms. A feeling of pure delight suddenly charged through her small body and she ran towards the play equipment in the park.

‘Bella!’ she heard her Mum call. ‘Always stay where I can see you, sweetheart. Do you hear?’

‘OK, Mum,' she yelled, with excitement coursing through her veins. She continued to run, then to skip, throwing her arms about just for fun. She got to the fence around the play area and pulled up, breathing a little harder. She was tall enough to open the latch which the smaller kids couldn’t do. There weren’t too many kids here, she noticed. And most were babies with their Mums or Dads holding them or pushing them in strollers.