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Year of the Tiger - passing the 'Australian of the Year' baton

A note of admiration for Grace Tame from SSOA's weekly emerging writer's group:

Grace, you could have simpered sweetly to the Prime Minister, genuflected cutely, even curtsied, or just said 'thank you' for being the past Australian of the Year.

But a tame woman you’re not. One sideways glance from your tiger eyes told the world what you thought.

For the strong, the tiger symbolises power, courage, confidence and leadership; for the timorous, fear and destruction.

You herald a new understanding of 2022: the Year of the “Tigress”, when women dare speak truth to power.

We hope you recover well from your recent bike accident!


text Roger Guinery;

photos Mick Tsikas - AAPIMAGE & kalminer.

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of flash fiction to emerging writers attending SSOA weekly meetups.



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