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Road to Rishi Konda is a book of insight and charm. A series of tales simply told, it’s a gift for parents and teachers. At once fascinating and delightful, Geetha Waters’ stories centre on a girl growing up in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in the ’60s and ’70s.

These are youthful tales, yet are underpinned by Geetha’s deep understanding of childhood education, based both on her academic studies and in practice in her daily life as a mother and childcare professional.

Written from a child’s perspective, the tales of awakening to life offer the reader an opportunity to appreciate how all children learn, as they draw on a deep well of curiosity that needs to be respected.

Geetha is concerned to throw light on the work of the philosopher J Krishnamurti as a revolutionary 20th century educator. He would warn his students about the impact of language & conditioning, urging the small girl Geetha and her friends to observe its impact on their minds and lives.

Geetha Waters now incorporates the stories found in ‘Road to Rishi Konda’ in the STEP program for children and teachers in South India, a training module based on Krishnamurti’s interactive style of relating with children.

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