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Peter Stankovic

Peter Stankovic

Peter A Stankovic started his career as a chartered accountant and over the years became an independent finance professional. Writing was something he did occasionally until he retired from his finance career. He then took up full time writing and has published three other works. He lives with his family in Sydney, Australia. 

What Writing Means to Peter:

Writing in 2017 means nothing more than it did in 1977 except that I now have the time to pursue it. I’ve always enjoyed reading or watching plays or films because, through them, I learned much. About life, about ideas, about characters and hence people. So it’s great to be able to share my world with others.

Of course, nobody might read stuff I create but it still makes me enjoy the process. If my work is art I’d be surprised. If my work sells, I’d be surprised but grateful. I tell stories I like. I don’t care if nobody else likes them. I’ve lived a full life and now I can sit back and draw from experiences or thoughts and jot them down.

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