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Robert Carrick

Robert Carrick

Robert Carrick

Sydney author Robert Carrick’s novel CLOUDLESS LOVE … IN THE TIME OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is based on a conceived technological upheaval that occurs in Australia in 2035, causing mayhem.

The novel was conceived during the Covid pandemic lockdowns of 2020-21 and completed in 2023. By then, real life was mimicking art as Australia was beset by large-scale technological security breaches, with society dominated by the Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence part of our daily lives.

In addition to writing, Robert plays trombone in a Sydney band and is a songwriter and audio engineer.

Robert is a regular member of Sydney School of Arts & Humanities (SSOA) weekly writing groups:

In addition to completing the novel, he has contributed short stories to the SSOA blog as well as the SSOA Impressions magazine.

His published stories include:

The colour blue – a personal impression:

Christmas compliments and gratitude:

Grand bonding in the name of God:

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