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Rossco Robertson

Rossco Robertson

As a teenager, Rossco Robertson would spend most of his free time animating claymation movies in his bedroom. This led him to write screenplays and eventually create a Claymation movie as his high school major work – and it was a real incentive for Ross’s talent for creative storytelling when the work was awarded in the top 5% of the state.


Rossco had grown up mostly in Sydney but his family made a move in his high school years to Sawtell, on the NSW mid-north coast. It was in that picturesque coastal town that Rossco’s passion for surfing and skateboarding blended with storytelling. His first novel, The Boots, is set in the world of Rugby League.

Now working in IT and graphic design for a telecommunications provider, Rossco still dedicates his free time to surfing, snowboarding, painting, playing sports and writing.

The Boots also displays Rossco’s eclectic interests in movies, music, television, pop culture and, specifically, Rugby League. His writing draws on real-life events, chance meetings, and contemporary cultural influences.

He says, like many authors before him including a favourite, Ricky Gervais, that he believes in the advice: ‘Write about what you know’.

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