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In The Boots, all Mikey has to do is get his mate’s lucky boots to the stadium – but when Mikey accidentally loses them, his day is turned upside down.

Will he find them – and if so, will it be in time for the game?

In trying to meet the deadline, Mikey has to cope with weekend crowds, hamburger cravings, a girl with a fox tattoo, Jedi Knights, and a bunch of footie supporters who are hell bent on getting their hands on those lucky boots.

Mikey always thought Karma was a myth. But he may just become a believer.

Author Rossco Robertson’s debut novel is published with the support of  South Sydney 



Great local novel that is sure to become one of the best rugby league novels EVER!

Lots of drama and relatable characters, and guess what? You don’t have to be a Souths fan to enjoy it! (But if you are a Rabbitohs fan, this is a no-brainer). Foundation club, foundation book. Huge amount of fun! The Boots is available in paperback at Ariel Bookstore, 98  Oxford St, Darlinghurst



Wow, what a fun story. Talk about living your day to the fullest. This was a fun read. well written and flowed very well. Fast paced and kept you wanting to turn the page to see what happens. I love how all of the events from the night before come back in some way to either help or make Mikes day that extra difficult. I thought this would be a story for Rugby league fans, but clearly a story for anyone! Enjoy! Iced Cooly

It is the day of the NRL grand final and Mikey has to get his mate’s lucky boots to the stadium on time. What follows is a rollicking, rollercoaster of a ride through city crowds, hostile football supporters and Jedi Knights. Lurking in the background is the mysterious girl with the fox tattoo. Fast paced and exciting, this book is a thoroughly good read. Muriel Shih

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