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Assange is Free ... A Great Day for Free Speech!

Julian Assange has been set free after 14 years of legal disputes and imprisonment for publishing material exposing the brutal inhumane actions of US forces in Afghanistan.

He's flown from Britain to an American island near The Philippines, Saipan, where he is due to appear before a judge at 9 am local time today. Not too far from Australian shores.

He has agreed to plead guilty on 1 charge of conspiring to obtain and disclose classified U.S. national defense documents from a total of 17 charges.

He was bailed by the UK High Court, released from Belmarsh prison, and freely allowed to board the flight.

This a significant win for his supporters all over the world who have never given up signing petitions, attending protest meetings, and lobbying politicians in Australia, Britain and the United States in defence of the right to free speech and in support of the role of journalists to report the truth.

The last protest attended by a representative of Sydney School of Arts & Humanities was held outside the US consulate in North Sydney a few months ago. It was evidence of the state of mind of Assange's supporters: NEVER GIVE UP!

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says Assange's imminent release is a welcome development.

'The Australian Government has continued to give Julian Assange consular assistance,' he told Federal Parliament. 'There's nothing to be gained from his continued incarceration.'

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