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Man who believes he knows the mind of God? That's one dangerous man.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Did you catch the latest information about Prime Minister Scott Morrison's speech to a Pentecostal Christian conference on the Gold Coast last week?

He thinks he's the chosen one! Chosen by God. To be Prime Minister. To 'lay hands' on people without them knowing. Likens himself to an eagle. He describes being with people in an evacuation centre and, in his words, 'where people thought I was just giving someone a hug ... I was praying, and putting my hands on people … laying hands on them'.

I mean many had lost their homes. They needed a shower, soap and probably shampoo, they were exhausted, they needed beds and money to restore their lives, and what they got was a touch up. They were the means for him to feel great. To feel sanctimonious. Sounds like a God complex* to me. Or is it an Isiah complex, with reference to his wife, Jen, likened to Isiah's wife, 'a prophetess'.

Isaiah 40:31 - 'But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.'

Morrison said that once, when he looked at a picture of an eagle in a Central Coast art gallery, he thought, '... you’ve got to spread your wings like an eagle to soar like an eagle'. (Shades of Steve Miller Band and Bette Midler, even though he might have thought it was an original idea placed in his mind alone by God. Plus it's all over Google in the form of Christian marketing.)

Mr Morrison, humans can't fly - except in aircraft, in your case supplied by Australian taxpayers. In this secular country you're permitted to use said aircraft to do your job, not preach your own divinity.

Remember on election night when he said his win was 'a miracle'. That was sus enough. I mean, every election or non-election for everybody every single second is a miracle, with every beat of every body's heart equally unknowable and miraculous. Since we're all created equal, and none of us knows which moment we will die.

But you'd have to say that anyone who seriously thinks that omniscient God has a particular power and stardom path planned out, step-by-electoral-step, for any particular individual has tickets on himself. Or is blinded by a maniacally egotistical narcissistic complex - to put it succinctly?

I try to avoid too much political discussion in this writers' blog, mainly opened up to SSOA'S emerging writers, those just beginning to publish their writing. We offer the space to those who are stepping out publicly, most of whom are humble or at least realistic about their early efforts to influence or entertain readers through their developing writing voices.

But when a self-important Prime Minister of Australia so completely misunderstands the solemn and responsible role he inhabits - to the extent he thinks he knows the mind of God - and is prepared to boast about this mental 'illness' - that's when I, an equal to anyone else in Australia, neither more nor less 'touched by God', feel I must call him out.

* God complex definition: An unshakeable belief characterised by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility.

Copyright: text C V Williams; photos Giuseppe Martini Unsplash & Wix.

This SSOA writers' blog is made possible by grant assistance from the City of Sydney.

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1 Comment

Rodney Hunter
Rodney Hunter
May 15, 2021

I believe you've summed up Scott Morrison very well. I'm sickened by the monstrous sense of entitlement he tries to portray as doing his God's work. I feel ill every time I see his gloating face on television. It would be nice if we could have a P.M who is secular minded, modest and reasonably honest for a change.

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