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Prose poem - King of the Bludgers

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Overheard at an upmarket emporium recently - if you can believe it:

'The unemployed are as common as Floridian alligators. Dole bludgers are more like Amazonian polar bears. Herb is their king,

his throne a recliner. That lazy cur makes koalas look like insomniacs. His messages are a series of emojis,

since clarifying with words is hard work. In the cross country he was lapped by a sedated emphysemic snail - but the thought of contributing to society transforms him into a twelve minute three-miler. Give Herb a job and before morning tea

he'll demand long service leave.

Dock his pay for abseiling on a sick day and you're lower than a kidney dealer who pays with monopoly money.'


Text Rod Hunter

Photos: Wix

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