Quarantined Part 5

Wasn’t it superb to have a sunny Sunday to relax?

Although I couldn’t get out in that sunshine, I was so pleased to see it – and to see others on their balconies reading, relaxing, and even one, presumably, father and son playing catch. The boy was about 4, and it didn’t take long before the father put a bit of a twist into his throw to advance beyond the loop-the-loopiness of his son’s ball skills, I noticed.

I had an eventful day food-wise. I woke up starving, and realised I hadn’t had any protein for days, apart from some teensy yoghurts for breakfast a couple of times, plus some milk on my cereal, so I decided to complain. Oh, those whingeing Australians, staying in fancy hotels! I know ...

In my defence, this is a 3 and a half star hotel and I’ve been pretty reasonable, I think – but as a vegetarian, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to eat foods that actually satisfy your appetite. And that’s what protein does. So I rang Reception.

‘You know, when I filled in the questionnaire on arrival, I ticked vegetarian (not vegan) for meals and added that I eat eggs and dairy foods,’ I explained. ‘I haven’t had one egg since I’ve been here. And what about a bit of cheese sometime?’

‘Well, no one else is getting eggs and cheese,’ was the smart come-back.

‘Yes, but they are getting some meat, aren’t they?’

It made me wonder … We’re unable to consort with others in a similar position, since none of us can leave our rooms. We’re allowed to pop out our heads to gaze down the corridor, waiting for our food bags at meal time, but don’t dare take a step out. I have no idea what the other over-400 guests in the building are eating, since they’re mostly not vegetarians, I presume.

We’re each allowed one personal parcel delivery a day, so many are by now ordering in, I guess. And in such a confined space it's hard not to think about when the next meal delivery will roll around, as it varies, and what surprises lie in store.

Well, breakfast arrived and there was a creamy yoghurt included. Then a lunch of not 1, but 2 boiled eggs! By mid-afternoon I had dinner delivered, an Indian chick pea curry. Plenty of protein in that lot. So it’s reassuring that my complaint brought results. I may not have to complain again at any time over the next 8 days – if the message sticks.