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Rainy days and Tuesdays

'Rainy Days and Mondays,' Paige said as she watched a tear-shaped droplet meandering towards the sill on the outside of her office window. She began to trace its path with her finger and sang the words, '... always get me down' in a brittle tone.

Her PA, Hannah, who was seated at a desk behind her, paused typing mid-email, took off her reading glasses, sighed, and tugged on her straight black fringe with her fingertips.

What’s going on with her? She hasn’t been herself for weeks, she thought.

Hannah swung around on her office chair to face Paige, who was still standing with her face to the glass.

'I know that old song. It’s by The Carpenters,' Hannah said.

'You're right. And they're long gone, aren't they?'

'Hmm,' Hannah said. 'But in any case, it’s Tuesday today so however you feel about Mondays, it’s time you moved on.’

Paige nodded, then turned around to face Hannah.

'You’re right. I’ve got plenty to look forward to. My writing group is on tonight, on Zoom, so I won’t even get my feet wet. I just wish I could get over this writer’s block.'

Hannah stood up and walked over to join Paige at the window. Together, they looked down at the glittering reflections in the wet city street below.

'Hannah, maybe you’re just looking for inspiration. Blame it on Mondays if you want, but for me, it’s often Tuesday before the true reason for what’s getting me down becomes apparent.'

Paige turned to Hannah. 'That’s a great idea for a piece. You may have cut through my writer’s block, now that I can see the beauty in these reflections,' she said.

'What will you call your piece?' Hannah asked.

'How about Rainy days and Tuesdays?'

Copyright: text Robert Carrick; photos Wix.


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